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The Best Eyeliners

The precise line you spent hours crafting on your lids? Poof, gone, thanks to humidity. Ahead, 22 waterproof eyeliners that will actually stay on your face when the weather warms up. Global warming has nothing on these crayons, kohls, and markers.

The Best Eyeliner Brush For All Of Your Cat Eye Flick-Creating Needs

Matte, mettalic, satin, or shimmer? The liner's formula is packed with powerful pigments that can resist humidity.

Color will stay on your lids all day. Jump in the pool, sauna, ocean, or even just survive an intense workout class and never worry your liner is migrating. Blinc liner will bind to your lash line with a water-resistant stroke of color. Benefit boasts the first budgeproof gel eyeliner in a pen format. Rock classic black, or colorful liner for 24 hours with little fuss. Inspired by Japanese calligraphy pens, you can now draw on a sleek, subtle line or geometrical cat eye with ease.

The Too Faced Sketch marker also comes in the best variety of colors like canary yellow and candy pink. The flexible brush tip can create the thinnest of lines with precision. This twist-up liner clings steadily to lids and waterlines with impressive resolve; give it a permanent spot in your summer handbag to give otherwise ho-hum faces instant fire. One end of this dual-ended pencil offers a chiseled tip for skinny or wide lines. The other end? But if you ask a professional makeup artist about the best makeup brushes on the market, their selections will be decidedly classic, refined, and time-tested — no matter if the tools are intended for use on the eyes, lips, cheekbones, or anywhere else.

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To prove it, we asked the pros to reveal the tools they always keep in their kits. Some even keep multiples of them, just in case. The following picks for the best makeup brushes include the fluffiest, sharpest, softest, and most precise ones that makeup artists swear by when creating all those stunning looks we admire so much on your favorite celebrities and on Instagram. We even added in several Best of Beauty Award winners to round out the list. It has a wide shape I've never seen before, but it's perfect for doing 'boy brows'.

It's perfect to blend over smoky eyes and looks seamless. I use a clean one to slightly contour the nose and jawline. It won't make your makeup look too defined, streaky, or fake. The spoolie side of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brush 12 tames even the coarsest, unruliest brow hairs to help slick them down into defined arches. The angled tip of the other end of the Best of Beauty Award winner deposits pigment with ease to fill in sparse areas.

When I do one, especially when using powder eyeshadows, I want to blend and blend some more for seamless edges. The shape of the brush makes it especially good for blending easily and evenly. The synthetic brush has a long, flat tip, which is ideal for packing color onto the eyelid. It's for blending or even working the cut crease trend.

23 Best Makeup Brushes of for Every Step of Your Routine | Allure

Also, you can use it to highlight the center of the eyelid. It's flat and round, so I can use this to press shadow directly on the lid or I can use the tip to softly line along the lash line. It's meant to be a concealer brush and excels at it, but it also does a great job cleaning up lip lines or doing a strong cat eye.

The Smith Cosmetics Microliner Brush won a Best of Beauty Award two years in a row for its stubby-yet-fine bristles that help create the fiercest flicks with simple strokes.


Remember that if you use makeup remover, it will also wipe away your primer, foundation, and any other makeup in the area, so you may need to do some touchups. Keep your hands steady. An unsteady hand can make for a rough or uneven eyeliner line, which will make your makeup job look sloppy. If necessary, rest your elbows on a counter or table as you apply the eyeliner. Wash your brush after using it. Wash it with soap and warm water and let it air dry before your next use.

This will prevent bacteria from growing, and it will keep the brush clean, which will make your makeup easier to apply. Avoid sharing beauty products. This is especially true for things like lipstick and eyeliner that can transfer bacteria into your body through your mouth or eyes. Only use new cosmetics. Applying makeup with the same brush over and over again can cause bacteria to grow, which can lead to infections.

Cosmetics can also degrade and go bad over time, especially once they're open. Depending on your eyeliner, you should probably use it within three to six months. Laura Martin Licensed Cosmetologist. Laura Martin. I like the gel liners made by Bobbi Brown and Marc Jacobs. Best is always relative. Both of these products are darkly pigmented, which may not be right for you.

Yes No. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 1. There are a few brands that make gel liners designed to be used on the waterline, and those are safe. With these exceptions, it's not a good idea and could irritate your eyes. Yes, you will need to use eyeliner to get the Kajal look.

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You'll need a thick pencil liner. Gel or liquid liner doesn't work well with smudgy looks. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 0. Start at the outer corner of you eye and drag the wing out as far as you want. Next, line your lids, after that bring the top of the wing to the lined lid and fill it in. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 7. You can soften the eyeliner by putting a few eye drops into it and mixing it up.

In the future, you might want to get pencil liner. It doesn't dry out like gel liner does and is especially useful if you don't wear eyeliner often. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 3. Cecilia Flores.

10 Best Liquid Eyeliners

It could be used to fill in brows, but you night want to use a color other than black. Also, the formula might be a little intense.

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  • Not Helpful 0 Helpful 2. Yes, use black gel eyeliner for a nice base if you're going for a black smoky eye.

    Best Eyeliners to Try

    Lean your elbow on a hard surface, such as a desk, or cross your left arm in front of you and lean on it with your right elbow. Not Helpful 1 Helpful 3. I wouldn't do this. Instead, add a drop of contact solution to the pod and mix it with a toothpick. Then, you can use your finger to compact the gel back down into the pod. Not Helpful 5 Helpful 3.

    best mac brush for winged eyeliner Best mac brush for winged eyeliner
    best mac brush for winged eyeliner Best mac brush for winged eyeliner
    best mac brush for winged eyeliner Best mac brush for winged eyeliner
    best mac brush for winged eyeliner Best mac brush for winged eyeliner
    best mac brush for winged eyeliner Best mac brush for winged eyeliner

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