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  2. Twitter Is Outraged Over This Disgusting Macaroni And Cheese Recipe!
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Good, Only One, and Cheese: Goldfish, Okay, and White: Ira ira I'm not going to call out the white friend who did this by name, but as the holidays approach just know that using goldfish as breadcrumbs for macaroni and cheese IS NOT OKAY But it looks so nice. Goldfish, Heart, and Girl Memes: Goldfish, Memes, and Best: Memes, Acronym, and Girl: Blackpeopletwitter, Acronym, and Jojo: Trendy, Cheese, and Macaroni and Cheese: College, Food, and Memes: Macaroni and cheese is not a good food.

It will never be in the category of good food. It sometimes happens when you have kids or you're in college or something That's it. One bite is enough to fill the stomach ofa grown man. Best, Humans of Tumblr, and Lying: You can just swallow it. If it gets stuck in your throat, you'll be fine because you can breathe through the noodle tubes. Birthday, Girls, and Memes: Can't wait to work with you guys again. Seems like you have been struggling lately with Girls Trip only making 31 million opening weekend. You guys are the best!!!

Love, Memes, and Fuck: So l asked my girlfriend to make macaroni and cheese last night What the fuck? Show some love to my personal prxvxked.

Why UConn Mac and Cheese Attack Isn't Funny

Best, Cheese, and Can: The best part about macaroni and cheese is that you don't even need to chew it. Life, Memes, and Kids: She thought it was supposed to be a salad??? Does she have a grandma? I would go home. This Mac n Cheese creates an unsafe work environment.


Earlier today, a Twitter user name coolstoryjanis shared a disturbing photo of a bowl of cooked macaroni mixed with some shredded white and yellow cheddar cheese. To be fair to whoever contributed this dish to the potluck, it does indeed contain macaroni and cheese, but Twitter thinks that giving it the precious macaroni and cheese name is blasphemy and honestly, we get it.

The unsettling tweet, which was shared just two hours ago, has already garnered over 3, likes, and it has been retweeted 1, times. Tell Brenda she needs to report to HR for her exit interview. Because many people, including ourselves, feel so passionate about the cheesy dish, it's unsurprising that the photo was met with such indignation. However, we definitely feel for the coworker in question who was just trying to contribute to the company potluck and ended up a viral macaroni sensation.

Why UConn Mac and Cheese Attack Isn't Funny | HuffPost

Plus, there's always the unlikely scenario that said coworker's dish was misunderstood and they were simply trying to make macaroni with cheese. As unmelted as the mac and cheese that coolstoryjanis's coworker brought to their office potluck is, it's actually not the worst workplace cooking experience we've heard about. Last year, a group of Global News Calgary anchors each brought in their favorite holiday treats to try on-air. Unfortunately for the anchors and fortunately for us viewers, one woman brought in artichoke dip that smelled like "a barn" and made her co-workers gag.

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12 Of The Most Disrespectful Things That Have Ever Happened To Mac 'N' Cheese

Not so much. Good thing is, very few advocate for that. But government gun buybacks are most certainly a thing here in America. Please enlighten us. They included most of the laws that are being proposed now. Magazine capacity limits. All of that. No problem. It is the most effective tool at protecting my life, the lives of my family, and the lives of innocent lives around me.

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Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving Clap Back, and Tumblr:

funny mac and cheese meme Funny mac and cheese meme
funny mac and cheese meme Funny mac and cheese meme
funny mac and cheese meme Funny mac and cheese meme
funny mac and cheese meme Funny mac and cheese meme
funny mac and cheese meme Funny mac and cheese meme
funny mac and cheese meme Funny mac and cheese meme
funny mac and cheese meme Funny mac and cheese meme

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