2 festplatte mac pro einbauen

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I'm pleased to report that it is possible to add a second hard drive to your non-server Mac Minis. Many thanks to saulinpa for pointing out the appropriate part number from the server model! For anyone who's familiar with the mini teardown, this install should only take about 15 minutes, view instructions on the teardown at iFixit , also further notes on an SSD upgrade. Otherwise, the process was as follows, apologies for the dark photography, I didn't feel like post-processing photos today Complete this at your own risk. Last edited: Jul 31, Jun 21, 1, Central, Louisiana.

Test: Elgato Thunderbolt 2 Dock – oder Upgrade your iMac 2011

Wow this is great info. It is great that you found out the right cable. I may just put this gb rpm drive I have in as my second one. Thanks, OTA. CortexRock macrumors Dec 3, 0 Canterbury, England. For anyone in the UK - I've just ordered the same part from www. C macrumors newbie. Nov 14, 13 0.

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Jun 4, 0. Thanks so much for the post. I just ordered a base to use as a media server. One question I have though is related to the HDD installation. Is there a bracket that the HDDs are attached to?

It looks like they just sit on top of each other but I can't figure out how they are stabilized. Sep 28, Does it appear that you could cram 2 x I would like to get a 1tb drive for that second bay Oct 7, 7 Seattle, WA. Then fitting the cable and my SSD into the extra port.

Performanceanalyse: SATA-SSD vs. NVMe

It might be a little difficult to make out, but you can see in the second photo that the new cable matches up nicely to the second SATA port. Image Image Adding the new hard drive and snapping in the cables.

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Image Image Started up, and my mini is GB healthier! The iFixit teardown demonstrates this, though they neglect to mention that you should remove the motherboard mounting screw underneath the fan.

I also suggest that you disconnect the power supply cable on the right of motherboard, just behind the RAM slots. Da ich aber dann und wann auch Zahlenjunkie bin, habe ich die Werte gemessen. Dann sind dort noch die Apple-Tastatur und der Drucker angeschlossen. Die 3 weiteren USB 3.

Optisch passt es hervorragend. Dies ist einer Restriktion von Apple geschuldet. Wer kein separates Audiointerface nutzt, wird sich evtl. Das Netzwerkkabel bleibt einfach im Dock und man muss nur noch das Thunderbolt Kabel verbinden. Elgato ist jedenfalls lt. Mehr von Elgato auf CremerSeele.

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2 festplatte mac pro einbauen 2 festplatte mac pro einbauen
2 festplatte mac pro einbauen 2 festplatte mac pro einbauen
2 festplatte mac pro einbauen 2 festplatte mac pro einbauen
2 festplatte mac pro einbauen 2 festplatte mac pro einbauen
2 festplatte mac pro einbauen 2 festplatte mac pro einbauen
2 festplatte mac pro einbauen 2 festplatte mac pro einbauen

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