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Hello, thanks! This is my first Hackintosh Build and this guide avoided a lot of headaches! I used the Nvidia Web Updater from insanely Mac to get my driver. I started with a failed nvidia install and was able to get it to boot again, thanks to your terminal guide. However after I tried it a second time with the new kexts, the outcome was still the same screen goes to standby. I even changed CsrActivateConfig to 0x67 again after installation and before reboot.

Any suggestions? Hey, thanks for your help. BTW I have build 17A I would try the newer build. Did you consider that the problem may be caused by some bios settings? I tried it with 3 different distributions. The problem is the same, screens go to standby. As long as you have the dedicated GPU as Primary it will work. What is the reason to disable SIP again?


It seems that my system works properly with enabled SIP. It looks that the Web Driver is up and running. Does not work here. I followed the instructions above Bios and Config. Is it better to start install with the Onboard Intel -Graphics and then move to Nvidia? Or Use Nvidia from start without Webdrivers and no injections?

How to properly Install Nvidia Drivers on High Sierra 10.13

The only way i could install OSX was disable all Graphic-injections and enabled allowconfiguration. Thanks for this write up. I performed the step as described above. I performed a fresh install of High Sierra This fixed it! However, my boot time is very long, about 5 minutes.

I finally load into a black screen. Any ideas? I am on No dice. Using the default Skylake config.

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Did you update the Drivers? Thank you! What made the difference for me was using your skylake config. Hello— ran through this whole procedure and zero effect. Still have crude VGA style graphics….. I followed the guide and it seems like everything was working properly however, when I tried playing fortnite the FPS was very low. I am using a MSI ti which ran fortnite at medium settings great on my Windows pc. A lot of games are poorly optimized for macOS and Nvidia. I had that happen one time when it did it over and over again so I just did a fresh install then followed the steps in the guide and it worked.

Bit of the same problem over here. Just stuck on the Nvidia GTX parts.. Same problem for me with almost same configuration : same motherboard with high sierra. Did you finally get it working? This worked in so far as I was able to install the drivers and the Mac booted normally. Still tons of tearing and such. Everything works I miss more than install the GTX.

NVIDIA GeForce GTS 250: A Rebadged 9800 GTX+

Can I boot at that moment on my macos key if I plant my SSD with macos on it to come reconfigure on the desktop? I am still having problems with my I have copied your EFI and followed the other settings you have provided. I am able to install After I finished the install and set up my account I installed the WebDriver I do a reboot to try the recovery you advised after a black screen after reboot and I get this a boot then a blank screen with this reflashing every 10 seconds. Date time Imac. XPC launched[1] com. Pushing respawn out by 10 seconds. I never get to the recovery screen.

I tried to follow your steps, but after making all the changes i got sucked at the apple logo while boot up. It took me a couple of tries to get it right. I followed all the steps, but being a n00b, I had copied Lilu.

GPU Setup: Nvidia Web Driver Install: The Easy Way - Mac Pro Series ep.25

I have not been able to get my ti to boot up after trying all all kind of stuff. I have tried everything in this guide. Tried SIP enabled and disabled. Disabled Intel Graphics in Bios. Install RC script. Any help would be appreciated. This black screen issue has been haunting my dreams for 2 nights now. Everything works now with Hey guys! Hi and thanks for all the tuts here.

Proc is a 67 skylake and the system is detected as imac 17,1. Nvidia ti boost.. I basically made this hackintosh to run FCPX. Everytime i try boot from hackintosh it just takes me straight back to the clover menu… please help!! I have now installed driver for gtx on high sierra But I do not have the option to change the resolution, hanging in P and there are no options for changing the resolution in display system preferences.

Are there any others who experience this? I give it up with Everything works on my computer except the graphics. I followed the steps precisely and when I boot up it loads all the way but when it gets to the end it the computer restarts.

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It works but I have a problem with my Nvidia Graphics Memory. I have only mb on my GTX? Thanks in advance for help! I was able to build my first ever Hackintosh and it was super easy thanks to the very clear instructions!

I was able to install High Sierra However, I ran into some troubles when installing the Nvidia Web Drivers. I followed this guide step by step and although the web driver was installed successfully, there was no acceleration. I then read the comment from user SSR who mentioned, to copy Lilu. I tried it and it worked!


The card is now fully recognized. So a question for Hackintosher: Is this the correct way to make it work and if so, maybe it would be a good idea to mention this in your guide at step 4. Oh yes, praise ssr and you guys who tested it and pointed out that it works! Copying Lilu. Could it get fixed in the latest web driver version probably? This step may need to be reevaluated. One more thing. Hi, thanks for the tutorial, I did everything step by step, after the reboot the driver is installed but not activated, its on default graphics driver.

I if activate it again it reboots but the same thing happens. Hi Roman. I had the same issue. Please see my post just about yours or search for user SSR. He explains how to solve that problem. I hope this helps! Good luck! Thanks your guide is freaking awesome…. At first I thought this a long and tedious process but it worked out.

Appently the lilu. Thanks for posting this.

Computer not recognising my GTS ? - PC/Mac/Linux Society - GameSpot

Had everything working fine on Chose a GT 2G per guide on tonymac and used your walkthrough. Any thoughts on what might be causing this? What do I do! Does NOT work following all instructions exactly for the build. Come on, guys. What system specs do you have? I just followed these steps but I seem to be worse off then before I added the lilu and the nvidiagraphicsfixup kext. In fact, the onboard increases the benchmark speed of LuxMark over I use the onboard video for boot and bios manipulation, and monitors on Nvidia show black, and after boot is over, the drivers cleanly load for NVidia and hassle free i have a spare monitor on the UHD onboard, alonside the other monitors.

Even if i disconnect the 4K monitor completely off the UHD ports, the mac will autoboot eventually to the nvidia. Please figure out your issues and bugs preventing you from using the onboard GPU because I had no hassles by avoiding most of the voodoo steps these various posted MSI guides show on my MSI overclocked to 4. Please advise a solution to this. SIP has various settings, other than the two shown in most guides, and 0x03 is a setting that enables some of SIP that can be used.

As for letting unsigned kexts to load… you probably want that for some of the more exotic hackintosh kexts. Others here will have far better answers. Did you try different USB 2. Especially ports in the back like a usb 2. It will guide you through the installation process. You will be required to enter an Administrator password to continue STEP 8 : Click Continue Installation on the Warning screen: The Warning screen lets you know that you will need to restart your system once the installation process is complete.

This driver includes the new NVIDIA Driver Manager preference pane, as well as an optional menu bar item for quick access to the preference pane and basic functions. The preference pane can be accessed normally through the System Preferences. If the user switches between drivers, they must click the Restart button for changes to take effect. If the device does not support ECC then the box will be grayed out.

Once the user makes changes to ECC, they will be required to restart the system. This is normal. Automatic checking is on by default.

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Download Drivers. Release Highlights. Supported products. Additional information. STEP 4: Click Uninstall and then Continue Uninstallation on the Warning screen: The Warning screen lets you know that you will need to restart your system once the installation process is complete.

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