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The Safari web browser has always included an ability to delete all web history, site data, searches , and cookies on a Mac, but the latest versions of Safari for Mac OS make this task even easier and offer a bit more control with four possible options, allowing users to perform removal of web browsing history at multiple levels, including any of the following; remove website data from only the prior hour of browsing, delete website history data from today, delete browser data from today and yesterday, or, go all out and remove all data from all time periods. Clearing Safari history is an incredibly useful feature for when you want to cover your web browsing tracks in Safari for whatever reason.

Whatever the reason, clearing out that history is simple. Here is how you can clear web browsing history for recent, or all dates, on the Mac Safari browser:.

How to Delete Browsing History on your Mac

The change is immediate, history will be cleared instantly and as requested. There is no need to relaunch or re-open Safari on the Mac. As a result, this can be used to remotely clear cache and web history from a remote computer, which is a nice additional usage of this feature. As always, you can directly remove the same data in iOS Safari too. Private Browsing is also easy to use, and offers a great way to discretely browse the web on any Mac or iOS device.

Of course, there are many valid reasons to clear website data beyond just privacy, and often resetting the Safari browser will resolve various problems that are encountered with the browser too. This capability of clearing different levels and dates of web history from Safari is somewhat modern to Mac OS, and much earlier versions of Safari in earlier Mac OS X releases do not have the same precision.

How to Delete Cookies on Mac

Enjoy this tip? Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Enter your email address below:. I have to constantly connect on every single site, just to be disconnected a few hours later. Does anyone know how can i stop this thing from signing me out from everywhere?? I share the mac with others. If I reset my safari browser, will it also reset the safari browser of the others who share the computer? I do not want to remove their favorites, etc.

I have a site that I go to for work and after I access it and navigate away, I always have to clear my history before I can access the site again. Does anyone know why this is or how I can work around it? It is annoying! There is a shortcut key here for removing browsing history of Safari. The one you refer to at the end of your message?!!!!! If anyone could find how to clear history withouth clearing cookies and other datas on Safari 8, that I would call an incredible useful feature.

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How to Delete Specific History from Safari on Mac

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Clear your browsing history in Safari on Mac

These are small files that sites use to save data about you and what you do on the site. Even if none of these problems affect you, periodically cleaning browser data can help protect your privacy from snoops who want to discover what you've been up to online.

In this article, therefore, we explain how to clear Safari's cache and cookies on Mac. Cleaning cookies and the cache data for individual sites can be done by opening the Preferences dialog box in the Safari tab in the top-left, then selecting the Privacy icon and clicking the 'Manage Website Data You can then prune the list manually by selecting an individual site and clicking the Remove button, or delete all cookies and cache by clicking the Remove All button.

There's a search field you can use to track down individual sites. Bear in mind that deleting cookies might remove autocompleted login usernames and passwords for sites, and will almost certainly log you out of that site if you've configured it to automatically log in each time you visit.

Chrome (OS X)

The hidden Safari Developer menu can be used to clear just the cache, leaving cookies and the browser history in place. This is a very useful diagnostic step to take before removing those two items if a website behaves badly. This option is right at the bottom. A new Develop menu option appears to the left of the Window and Help menu options. Close any open Safari windows and select Empty Caches on the Develop menu.

Safari's AutoFill tool, accessible by opening Preferences and clicking the AutoFill icon, sometimes overrides cookies and fills in username and password details on websites. AutoFill might also autocomplete some other information on the site.

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To delete any errant data, click the Edit button alongside whichever data type you'd like to remove. The two most useful are 'User names and passwords' and 'Other forms'.

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