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But I was bummed out when one of my most-used apps, Photoshop, would no longer open. I have an old version of Adobe Photoshop I've kept on my laptop for many years now it's CS5, in case you're wondering. Photographers can now use FocalPoint 2 directly within Lightroom and Aperture or on its own. FocusBug is the pivotal element of FocalPoint 2.

It is used to simulate various lenses. With this version, you can now use it as a standalone application or with Lightroom or Aperture. For a detailed review, see my previous review on FocalPoint 2.

Review of onOne Software's Perfect Photo Suite 5.5

Here are a few images from that review. And here are a few more. Many more examples can be seen in the original review.

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Here I used the FocusBug to just soften the edges of the outside flowers and add a darkened vignette to the edges. This is a great program.

DOWNLOAD FREE onOne Perfect Photo Suite v6.0.2 MAC OSX FULL

I have used it extensively with many images. However, FocalPoint 2 gives a lot more leeway to positional focal planes than does Photoshop Layer Masks. You can, also, use the vignetting features of FocalPoint 2. For more information, go to the onOne Software's website.

The Wizard offers fast color and tone correction in as little as two steps while giving pro users direct access to advanced and innovative controls. SkinTune, which represents two years of research and analysis of thousands of skin tones, offers one-click color correction of portraits and the option to correct just the skin in an image. Photographers can now use PhotoTune 3 directly within Lightroom and Aperture or on its own. PhotoTune 3 will now work in Lightwave and Aperture.

Since the basics of the program have remained the same, Please read my review on it. I will show some examples, here, though of what it can do. Below I set the controls to always open at Advanced. I used two of the controls - Tone and Details.

How to fix apps that don't work in MacOS Mojave - Business Insider

PhotoTune 3 now works in Lightroom and Apertures. For an in depth review, see my previous review. More information on PhotoTune3 can be seen on the onOne Software website. Mask Pro's unique Color Decontamination technology allows users to get realistic results by maintaining transparency in hard to mask objects such as hair, smoke and glass in a fraction of the time using traditional tools.

MaskPro is easy to use and does the job of isolating images well. For a full review, see my review of MaskPro 4 that I did previously. Its as easy as using background and foreground colors. Since this program uses color, it is helpful when there is a difference between background and foreground. To use this program advantageously, work in small areas at a time. You can create new sets of colors or modify old ones as you progress. You can create a work path from either a selection or a channel. It is one of the options on the menu. For more information on MaskPro 4.

REVIEW: Perfect Photo Suite 5.5 By OnOne Software

For those using a Lightroom or Aperture workflow, but not yet using Photoshop, Perfect Layers introduces the ability to create and edit multi-layered Photoshop files. With Perfect Layers, photographers can combine multiple images into a layered Photoshop compatible file; adjust layer size, position, blending mode and opacity; and use the built-in masking tools to blend multiple layers together.

Perfect Layers will be made available at no cost to current owners of Perfect Photo Suite 5. Perfect Layers as a public preview is now availabe so I am updating this review. You can download a public preview free.

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Perfect Layers acts as a mini image editor. It is a boon for Adobe Lightroom users because you can access it from Lightroom to create layers within your image. The interface is from the standalone and Lightroom version. I opened a layered image in it. Some images cannot be opened with layers in Perfect Layers.

Of course, you can take an image and create layers which is the focus of the program. Below are some details on the tools available in the Perfect Layers' interface. I believe Perfect Layers will add a depth to Lightroom and broaden its use giving it some components that it didn't have previously. Since this public preview is equivalent to a beta, here are some of the features that will be available in the final release: "The Perfect Layers Public Preview will expire on June 30th, The final version, 1.

At that time, Perfect Photo Suite 5. Suite owners and anyone interested in Perfect Layers can download the free public preview now. I will, once again, add to this review when there is a final release within the next few months. For more information go to the onOne Software's website. Here is a link to the recommended system configuratio n. It is interesting and useful to read. As stated in the beginning, this is a free upgrade to owners of Plug-In Suite 5. You can also upgrade if you own some of the components. Click on the upgrade link to see a complete price list.

Free trials are available for all products. These are excellent products which I have used for years. I will play favorites and say that Perfect Resize 7 formerly Genuine Fractals I use on a continuous basis. Not an image is printed that doesn't get resized using it. However, I have used all the products for years now and I recommend this suite as an excellent buy to get the full advantage of these products.

So before buying a single product, think in terms of purchasing the full suite. You will not be disappointed. All products can be taken on a 30 day test drive. From onOne Software: " Perfect Resize 7 — The next generation of Genuine Fractals — Based on the same proven and patented algorithms as Genuine Fractals, the newest version of the industry standard for image resizing introduces new Smoothness and Sharpening controls to achieve the highest quality results when enlarging images.

Smoothness control to minimize artifacts when resizing from a small source file. Two new Sharpening methods have been added to give you even better results. Additional presets give you consistent results in less time.

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  • Perfect Resize 7 works with Photoshop, Lightroom, Aperture and as a stand alone application. The Gallery Wrap feature has been updated to give you a quick preview of the results - you've got to see it to believe it! Portrait photographers get a new Blemish Removal brush.

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    • Includes new effects designed specifically to enhance HDR photos. Includes over a dozen new texture overlays.

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