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On Watching Movies With the Sound Off, Mac Miller Returns — With a Little Help From His Friends


Conflictment is part of a healthy relationship , and it never disappears: you just learn to handle it properly. I got a chance to watch a live perfomance from this song at the Colbert show, and the chemistry between both performers vocally and in production is intoxicating.

Mac Miller - Red Dot Music (Instrumental)

Luckily, listening to this album is a joyride. Notably shorter than past releases , the songs feel so well developed , and the collabs compensate the fact that… well… he is not a singer. The album also accepts the fragility of a situation , with the full understanding that everything may be gone in an instant, but instead of overthinking it decides to live the moment. I really like the message ; it may be misleading , because people who suffer from clinical depression can tell that is not easy to get rid of it.

This version of Malcolm is less arrogant and more positive , even spiritual at times , but his product has been watered down. A very personal and emotional album, with mostly-safe Alternative Hip Hop and suitable Neo-Soul , Swimming displays a massive change of mind from Mac Miller to a more likeable persona and pleased individual. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Skip to content Before You Live You are not ready for life if you haven't listened to…. Taken from The Fresh Toast. Like this: Like Loading It is a mixtape which never took itself seriously and was littered with celebrations of good weed and gratuitous sexual references, all with the hint of embellishment present when any high school student retells their exploits. Over this two-year period Mac was stagnant, he rapped consistently about girls and weed in a slew of uninspired ways.

Unfortunately, in this youthful stage, the music presented Mac as a juvenile artist with limited musical depth.

  1. Red Dot Music (ft. Action Bronson / Loaded Lux);
  2. Mac Miller – Red Dot Music (Instrumental)!
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On his mixtape Faces, this brooding crescendos atop the lo-fi production reminiscent of the music his contemporary Earl Sweatshirt was producing at the time. Watch this video on YouTube Where drugs—weed specifically—were previously a gateway to joy in his youth, they became an escape from the pressing weight of reality. A promethazine addiction holds Mac upright while simultaneously further pulling him into a debilitating dependence.

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His expressions were no longer those of the inexperienced high schooler, they were the reflections of a jaded young adult. In the 3 years following KIDS , Mac and his fans together transitioned from high school spaces of artificially exaggerated joy. We experienced more, languished and perceived more about our world, and developed a capacity for pain and mental anguish. A telltale sign of growth in the midst of struggle is the ability to adapt to and healthily respond to your own anguish.

Red Dot Music (feat. Action Bronson)

Mac grew into freedom and openness, indulging in a level of honesty that had previously been missing in his work. The Divine Feminine is a celebratory ode to Woman, reimagining her as a figure garnering due respect, consideration, and celebration. This mature approach is a far cry from the way Mac dealt with women in earlier phases of his career and is clearly influenced by an appreciation for all the women in his life, including then girlfriend Ariana Grande.

But most notably, the album is an exercise in overcoming fear.

Mac Miller - Red Dot Music (Instrumental) | InstrumentalFx

Fear to be different and authentic. Stuck in oblivion, Mac attempts to find beauty and life in his surroundings. He begins a quest for self-improvement, but there is no expressed hope for a coming sun. Rather, Mac chooses to find joy through perpetual change and uncertainty.

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  • With Swimming , we get a glimpse of a man who once suffered and emerged joyful to embrace the beauty of living, now realizing that suffering is a necessity of life. Pain is, to be blunt, unavoidable — but Mac finds ways to live and occasionally smile nonetheless. Where Mac previously looked forward to the coming morning with joy, Swimming finds him relegated to accepting night must come and he needs sleep. Mac again stands as a litmus stick for the social climate, in a where anything that can happen seems to have happened, Mac stares down tragedy armed only with the knowledge that it is inevitable and unpredictable.

    A human who—in spite of the tabloid fodder from his relationship with Ariana Grande dominating his name—has consistently delivered authenticity. Never shying from his own depression, addiction, joy, love, and pain, Mac has quite literally grown with us.

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